Line Supervisor – R8,000 per month

Job Summary

The Company is currently seeking a qualified candidate to fill in the vacant position of a Line Supervisor who shall generally oversee the company’s CMT operations, handle the fiscal health of the department and monitor employees within the production department. The ideal candidate is expected to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in the multifaceted world of manufacturing products to ensure smooth and efficient production operations. He/she must be a creative thinker who shall come up with ideas and strategies to improve the operations while minimizing the cost of production without compromising the maximum quality of the products. The candidate as well as the ability to monitor and handle employees and ensure a positive work environment.

Must have the following:

 Manufacturing experience

CMT experience (come from a clothing or textile industry)

Must be technically inclined


Duties and Responsibilities

The successful candidate is expected to perform the following:

Plans and develops strategies to facilitate better and improved production operations.

Executes production plans by delegating tasks to personnel, accomplishing production targets, revising schedules, and keeping track of the processing flow on production summaries.

Designs improved production processes to minimize or eliminate disparity in production targets and actual production of goods.

Checks the overall condition of operation equipment.

Calls follow up and coordinate with the Maintenance and Repair Department for the periodic inspection of equipment and evaluation of new equipment.

Search for a production scheme that implements cost-cutting without compromising the finest quality of the products.

Ensures that production employees are in good condition for work.

Maintains good working relationships among the production staff.

Conducts training and counselling to employees within the department to ensure that they are fit to perform production operations to achieve maximum productivity.

Serves as an intermediary between the management and the employees.

Encourages production employees to achieve and maintain a work-life balance by conducting a seminar and engaging in activities that promote the same.

Trains and orients newly hired production employees and offers personal growth opportunities for them.

Ensures that manufacturing staff observe company rules and regulations and conduct their assigned duties according to the best of their knowledge and skills to guarantee that company objectives are fully met.

Attends regular staff meetings for the updating of the manufacturing status and performance of the employees within the department and reports any issues and concerns arising from the performance of duties of the employees.

Reports to the immediate manager of the production results and performance of the employees.

Conducts arbitration proceedings for disputes involving employees within the department and sees to it that parties reach a compromise and that such dispute is resolved within the early stage of dispute resolution.

Skills and Qualifications

Relevant work experience in Industrial and Manufacturing Environment

Highly skilled in Industrial works

Good communication skills both Verbal and Written

Excellent Supervisory and Managerial Skills

Excellent interpersonal Skills

Highly motivated and results-driven

Outstanding organizational and leadership skills

Creative thinking and ability to design Production schemes

Working knowledge of manufacturing machinery and tools

Knowledge of ISO 9001:2015 will be an advantage

Other Duties

The duties and responsibilities enumerated herein are not exclusive. The duties and responsibilities of a Line Supervisor may be modified anytime as assigned by the superiors.

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How To Apply?

Please send your CV in Word format as at attachment to if you have the relevant experience, are of sober habits and if you are a SA citizen, subject heading Line Supervisor Maitland.

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