Check Your Sassa R350 Grant Application Status

May 30, 2020

Sassa has announce through their Twitter account @OfficialSassa that applicants for the R350 Covid-19 grant can check their application status.

If you have applied for the grant and you are wondering if your application has been successful of not, you can get clarity by communication to Sassa via the Whatsapp line.

“You can also check the status of your Covid-19 SRD application via WhatsApp. Type ‘status’ and send to 082 046 8553”

If you have not yet applied for the Sassa R350 grant you may still apply. Sassa also twitted with a video clip on how to apply for the grant using the USSD or what is also called the SMS line.

You may apply for the grant by dialing *134*7737#

Today about 7000 people have received their R350 grants, Click here to read more.

See more topics on Sassa grants below from this website. Wishing you best of luck.

Apply from Sassa Website

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