How to Apply for University Bursaries

April 27, 2020

Scholarship Summary

In this article, we have made the application process for our bursaries as simple and straightforward as possible. However, before you can apply for funding, the first important step is applying to a university. We can’t match you with the right bursary programme if we don’t know what course you’re planning to study and which university you would like to attend. So, step one in your bursary application journey is:

Applying to University

This is an exciting process, you’re making a big decision that will shape your career and put you on a path to success. That’s why it’s important to gather plenty of information about the degree or diploma you would like to study. Your subject choice in Grade 12 will determine which courses you are eligible to apply for so that is a good place to start. Decide on 3 or 4 universities that you would like to attend and visit their websites. Read the information for prospective students and look at which courses each faculty offers.

It’s very important to read the requirements for each degree or diploma and make sure that your choices reflect your ability and your subject choice.

Now that you have done your research and you must apply to a minimum of two institutions. Complete the applications in full and make sure you include a reliable cell phone number and email address. Check your emails regularly and try not to change your cell phone number. Once you have completed your applications, the next step is to write the National Benchmark Test (NBT). This a requirement for most universities and it is important that you do it as soon as possible and you can start by visiting: to find out more or read our post: Everthing you need to know about the National Benmark Test.

Once you have applied to the institutions of your choice and arranged to write your NBT, you’re ready to apply for one of our fantastic bursary programmes.

Requirements for Bursaries – High school students

Career Wise has a variety of bursary programmes covering a number of disciplines. We have our own easy-to-follow online application process but some of our bursary schemes require a specific application form. Visit the applications page of our website (bursary applications) to see which schemes require a separate application form. If you would like to apply for one of those programmes, click on the link and complete the application form as per the instructions. You may have your heart set on one of those schemes but we suggest also completing the Career Wise online application form on the applications page. That way we can match you to other schemes in case you are not successful with your first choice. Follow the ‘Career Wise Online Application’ link and register to get started with your application profile.

In order to apply for a Career Wise bursary, you will need to have applied to university. You will also need your Grade 11 results, as well as any Grade 12 progress reports you have. Include as much academic and extracurricular information as you can so we know what kind of student you are. It’s also important to include honest information about your family situation. And, just like the university application, you will also need reliable contact details so we can stay in touch with you. Most importantly, don’t wait to apply! Our online application process allows you to start your application as soon as you have applied to the universities of your choice and then update it with relevant information on an ongoing basis. If you need some help before or during this process, visit our FAQ’s page.

We hope this has provided you with enough useful information to get you started. Remember, don’t wait to apply! Take your first step towards your dream job by applying for a Career Wise bursary today!

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