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March 30, 2020

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Do you feel like everyone around you is going to university or college to study further and you’re trapped because you can’t afford it? We hear you but why should money be the obstacle that stops you from getting the future you want after schoolThere are many free online courses available to South African students. Let’s find out how they could benefit you!

Yes, you read that properly…we said:  



5 Reasons to take Online Courses

Online Courses are fast becoming a cheaper, easier and in some cases a better option than taking a university course. Find out why you should consider taking online courses.

What are the Requirements for an Online Course?

While universities and colleges have strict requirements for accepting students into their courses, online education providers do not! In fact, most online courses require nothing more from you than:

  • A stable internet connection
  • computer to work on

More advanced courses might require you to have previous knowledge of certain fundamental skills. But, this is just so that they can be sure you will understand the content of the course. While researching courses that interest you, make sure you check if any previous skills are required. It is a requirement for a reason – you might not be able to actually complete the course without it.

The most important requirement for an online course is that you are interested and driven to complete the course. Without complete commitment, it can be really easy to let your studies fall by the wayside.

How does a Free Online Course Compare to Paid-for Education?


1. Free online courses are developed by professional institutions, universities, and lecturers – just like tertiary education.

2. All official online courses appeal to international and industry standards, so these courses offer comparable qualifications to universities/colleges.

3. Courses are available in various disciplines, from computer science to photography.


1. Free online courses require distance learning as they usually do not have a campus or formal classes.

2. There are no strict admission requirements for most courses – anyone can study something they are interested in!

3. Universities and colleges award you proof of your qualification by means of a certificate or degree. However, online courses often ask you to pay for the final certificate to prove that you’ve finished the course.

The main difference between formal tertiary education and free online courses is that you will not always get a free certificate to prove that you’ve completed the course. However, some courses award you a certificate of participation or allow you to download your academic record. If you use these documents, as well as a portfolio of the work you did during the course, you can use them as proof that you have studied the relevant skills.

Where can I Sign up?

There are various online course providers that deliver courses that are accessible to South Africans. Let’s look at some of those options and what they can offer you…

These courses are completely free, but you will have to pay for an official certificate:

These courses are the same as above, but they also offer you the opportunity to download your student record or give you a certificate of participation:

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