Company learnership

Learner Technician

March 20, 2020

Learnership Summary

Technician in Training provide technical support to business (designated environment) and engineers by applying theoretical skills and making suggestions and implement solutions to optimise systems under supervision


  1. Use theoretical knowledge for inputs to influence and assist in decision making
  2. Do Hazop studies.
  3. Assist in developing Project Plans
  4. Produce plan to a project proposal document complete with suitable appendixes, bar charts.
  5. Assist in managing projects according to plan
  6. Arrange for project hand overs.
  7. Complete project reports.
  8. Compilation of required training material
  9. Assist in problem solving in the workplace
  10. Study the operating and maintenance philosophies in your area.
  11. Keep abreast of new technologies.
  12. Assist in optimizing maintenance / operations capability of the team through:
  • participation in  reliability – centered maintenance,
  • skills/systems development to ensure functional effectiveness of the plant

Qualifications and expertise required (Must)

  • Grade 12 with English, Mathematics and Physical Science
  • S4  in Engineering – All Disciplines
  • Valid Driving License

People Leadership

  • Inspirational: Authentically and inclusively engages people to follow; leads culture transformation

Partner Leadership

  • Influential: Persuades and influences Stakeholders; builds relationships and partnerships for win-win outcomes.


  • Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and self-correcting.

Functional / Technical  

Business Results: Operational, Financial and Technical results

  • Ensure that work standards are met according to quality, quantity and due dates (Shared)
  • Company values and goals: supported/lived (Remote)
  • Achieving delivery targets (e.g. tons, products, services; OME and Discipline Specific) (Shared)
  • Ensures that self meets the targets, due dates and quality standards (Shared)
  • Ensure that work standards are met according to quality standards & compliance  (Prime)
  • Quality Results (Agreed standards/compliance; Conduct basic processing and reporting) (Prime)
  • Optimises and control resources effectively (Prime)
  • Perform all tasks cost consciously (Prime)
  • Independently gather information and data accumulation (Prime)
  • Awareness, focus and control of cost / budget (Shared)
  • Independently gather information and data accumulation (Prime)
  • Achieve safety and risk objectives(Shared)
  • Ensure safe project execution and implement safe work procedures
  • Apply safety in all practices, specifically project planning and execution (Prime)

How To Apply?


Closing Date:31 March 2020


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