FNB Teller Opportunities

March 9, 2020

Job Summary

First National Bank is looking for a Teller to be part of its team of employees, the purpose of the Teller is to provide customers a unique experience by timeous, accurate and efficient processing of their financial transactions through excellent customer service.

FNB is no ordinary bank. It’s never business as usual, bogged down in bureaucracy, and counting the minutes to home time. It’s a place where you can make a difference. Because what you do at FNB matters. You can shape the organisation, the industry and the world. You’ll find work that is challenging, relationships that are rewarding and constant opportunities to innovate and grow. Which means you can expect a career that is extraordinary. Life at FNB isn’t ordinary either. They are driven to help. Because they believe help is at the heart of human greatness. The FNB vision is to be a great business helping to create a better world. So they want to inspire greatness in their clients, themselves and each other. Which is why the FNB culture is so unique.

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The Bank know culture eats strategy for breakfast. It’s what inspires you to keep coming to work and makes you feel part of something bigger. At FNB, they’re entrepreneurs at heart. Which means they have an owner manager culture. So whatever your role, you’ll be expected to step up and take ownership, while being supported all the way. They work in smaller, more agile groups. This makes them more flexible, faster to innovate and able to react more quickly in an ever-changing world. So you’ll find a healthy competitive attitude between teams, but a genuine willingness to tackle challenges together and collaborate whenever they can. If that’s how you like to work, you’ll fit right in.

Job Requirements:

  • NQF 4 Qualification
  • Relevant NQF 5 qualification as prescribed by the Financial Services Board
  • Regulatory Exam qualification
  • Anappropriate recognised business Diploma or Higher Certificate at NQF level 6
  • In accordance with National Credit Act (NCA) candidatesapplying for this role will require a credit record check.

Key Duties:

  • Achieve net profit growth for business
  • Manage average Rand value of differences to minimise losses to the business
  • Manage the Service Quality of the Branch through the Branch’s Service Quality BalancedScorecard
  • Manage the migration of accounts from transactional to Self Service
  • Compliance with procedures and processes contained in the Golden Rules.
  • Manage the efficiencies for tellers through Number of differences, average number of transactions
  • Manage own development to increase own competencies
  • Connect with our customers by living up to our brand promise of how can we help you?, at all times. Treat customers as you would want to be treated
  • Converse with our customers in a way that they fully understand and provide helpful solutions and products based on their needs
  • Conduct yourself in an ethical manner at all times
  • Take ownership of solving our customers problems or queries as efficiently and quickly as possible
  • Adhere to the TCF (Treating Customers fairly) principles in all that you do
  • Manage the growth of active customer Account Base to increase client base through leads
  • Contribute to the increase of the Customer Engagement Score of branch
  • Use opportunities identified to increase market share
  • Ensure activities support cost containment and reduction
  • Manage actual Rand value of shortages to minimise losses to the business Volume andValue
  • Cash Migration measure the total in branch migratable cash transactions
  • Optimize every customer interaction to migrate or convert customer to e-channels and or encourage use of digital and self-service channels

How To Apply?

Apply Online:FNB Recruitment Site Here

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