Anglo American Is Hiring General Miner

March 1, 2020

Job Summary

The General Miner has a legal accountability for construction blasting in terms of the MHSA and will be required to contribute and assist the mining team with the execution of all tasks relating to the role. The role for a General Miner is varied in the mining structure from moving men, material and ore to construction within the mining domain. The role will supervise a l crew in fulfilling its specific l activities, with a timeframe of 6-12 months.

At Anglo American, they combine integrity, creativity and smart innovation, with the utmost consideration for people, their families, local communities, the customers and the world at large, so they can better connect the resources in the ground to the people who need and value them.

Anglo American want to create a vibrant, robust leadership community to collectively realise their purpose, developing leaders who will build a sustainable future for the employees and the communities they serve, ensuring the safety of the people and delivering industry-leading margins and returns.

Job Requirements:

  • Grade 12 certificate.
  • Must have Valid Blasting Certificate.
  • At least 1 year experience as a Miner /Crew Captain
  • Passed area specific training modules for logistics role at a Crew Captain level in mining.
  • First Aid Certificate.

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Key Duties:

  • Ensure that the working areas are safe through inspections.
  • Ensure that safety and mining standards are adhered to.
  • Ensure that up to date operating standards and procedures are communicated, applied and understood by the team.
  • Manage explosives and prepare blasting area to standard to ensure safe effective blasting.
  • Monitor and correct the process regularly to ensure conformance to and understanding of standards.
  • Provide advice to team on the technical requirements to optimise performance.
  • Ensure crew team delivers quality work so that progress remains to plan.
  • Will execute any reasonable work instruction provided by any senior or team members to ensure the effective completion of a task or safe making of an area.
  • Ensure that all equipment remains in good working order and applied required standards.
  • Continues liaison with the Shift Supervisor or Shaft Foreman in relation to operations and maintenance activities.
  • Provide daily feedback to the Shift Supervisor or Shaft Foreman regarding performance and problems against plan and where necessary, propose solutions.
  • Liaison with adjacent Miners regarding inter-related mining activities.
  • Provide regular feedback to crew team regarding their progress, efficiencies, safety etc.
  • Assist the Shift Supervisor or Shaft Foreman to develop the required operational plan to achieve allocated targets.
  • Ensure that materials and equipment are available or the shifts requirements in the area through effective liaison with the Shift Supervisor or Shaft Foreman.

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