Metro Police Traineeship Opportunities 2020.

December 14, 2019

Traineeship Summary

Learning opportunities for 2000 practitioners in the Tshwane metro police department, providing Twenty Four-hour police services to the public, covering mainly Three basic functions, namely traffic police, police bylaws and crime prevention. The main emphasis is on providing a safe road environment and reducing the possible causes and opportunities of all criminal activities, traffic and offenses. Pupils are enrolled in an Eighteen month annual contract, with an initial Four week selection course. Only after the successful completion of this course will placement in any of the 105 CoT rooms prepare students for a basic metro police course. After all legal requirements have been fully met / qualified, permanent on-going service in any of the 105 CoT rooms will be considered in accordance with an approved point system and shift system.Monthly Stipend of R3 000.

Minimum Requirement:

  • Must be a resident of Tshwane district
  • Must hold Matric certificate
  • Not less than 18 to 35 years of age.
  • Must be physically and mentally fit.
  • Clear criminal record
  • Fluent in English
  • Have valid driver’s license
  • After the successful completion of the course, the municipal oath prescribed by the municipality must be taken

Personal characteristics and / or competencies:

  • Good communication skills (written and spoken),
  • Managerial skills,
  • Independence in the execution of the assignments,
  • Positive attitude,
  • Ability to work under pressure,
  • Honest and reliable.

Selection Criteria

  • Must pass a 2.4 km fitness test within 11.09 minutes for men and 14.29 minutes for women
  • The obstacle course must be completed within 3 minutes for men and 4 minutes for women
  • Provide a medical certificate as proof that the individual can perform an intensive exercise (you will be asked to provide this certificate if and when you are invited to a physical examination)
  • Complete the English proficiency test
  • You must undergo a medical examination
  • Website Editor: Following the tragic incident at KZN, RSAlearnerships wants to encourage all site users to think twice about participating in a fitness test as it can lead to a similar tragic situation.

Training Program

  • Be prepared to attend training courses as defined by the TC
  • Participate in an intensive training program (including physical, firearms, theoretical and practical)
  • Be prepared to undergo abnormal exercise, including after hours, without compensation
  • Will be located in any area of ​​Tshwane Municipality

Training Issues:

Metro Police Academy; 11 National Artillery Route, West Pretoria

How to apply

Download the application form

Please note that applicants must obtain an application form from the Metropolitan Regional Office in your area of ​​residence (see the full website with addresses and map on our website). Applications must be submitted to the same office on or before the same date as the application. No electronic / fax application will be accepted.

Completed application forms must be submitted to the metro police regional offices

Closing date: 25 January 2020 before 12:00

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