Purpose of the job: To provide the support to the Mining services team objectives and business imperatives by providing efficient coaching and advice to the customers on the application of Sasol Chemicals explosives products while enhancing the customer / supplier relationship.


  • Assist mine personnel on on-the-job training (Technical support on DDS™ equipment & Charging-up)
  • Provide information regarding Health & Safety of Sasol equipment to mine and Sasol Base Chemicals employees.
  • Assist mine personnel on on-the-job training (Technical support on DDS™ equipment & Charging-up)
  • Assist Service Technician in maintenance of DDS™ Equipment
  • Density checks and records
  • Day to day inspections and minor repairs on DDS™ equipment
  • Oversee mine trained employee to do daily checklist. Mine employee to hand checklist to his mine supervisor.
  • First responder to breakdowns (All minor issues on shift)
  • Reporting on levels of DDS™ emulsions and delivery dates for emulsion
  • Offloading of the DDS ™ delivery tanker & weighbridge notes sign
  • Reporting on spares used and stock level to Service Technician
  • Report of spillages to mine personnel to arrange for clean-up
  • Daily reporting of findings in underground workings to Section Mine Overseer / Shift boss / Miner with regards to   – charging-up and drilling on the working areas he visited.
  • Communication with service Technician on status of DDS™ equipment.
  • Breakdown reports and feedback to M/O, HFO, Service Technician
  • Identify incorrect charging up practices
  • Conduct blast surveys according to the designed criteria
  • Demonstrate the charging up and connecting of all Sasol explosives products
  • Apply the use of the product as per the product application training
  • Apply the safe handling, storage and transport of explosives
  • Maintain housekeeping of work area
  • Identify workplace hazards and associated risks and deal with it appropriately (Hirac & Risk Assessment)
  • Knowledge of relevant hand tools
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures
  • Comply with the Mine’s safety and health procedures
  • Maintain basic safety, health and environmental issues
  • Assess the product application practices
  • Identify incorrect product application practices
  • Demonstrate and coach the correct practices
  • Daily underground visit


Qualification and Experience Required:

  • Must have Grade 12
  • Competency B
  • Blaster Assistant Skills Programme
  • Minimum 2 years underground mining experience


  • Working independently.
  • Demonstrate skills to apply Sasol products correctly
  • Know safety precautions
  • Communication skills
  • Must be able to conduct blast surveys/observations
  • On the job coaching
  • Maintain basic safety, health and environmental issues
  • Identify development needs
  • Creative thinking to ensure the core information is understood by learners
  • Determination to succeed

How To Apply?

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Location:Carletonville Mponeng Mine

Closing Date:28 November 2019

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Note: Failure to provide Sasol with truthful information and valid documents will render your application null and void.

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