Your CV is a selling tool. Just as a brilliant advertisement can persuade a consumer to make a purchase, so a skilfully crafted CV can secure a job interview.

What is the difference between a CV and Resume?

A curriculum vitae (CV) provides a summary of one’s experience and skills and is at least two or three pages.

A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience, and education.

What is a Curriculum Vitae?

It is the story of your life. Your personal history.

Why is your CV important?

Many job advertisements ask for a CV to be attached to your application form. You can also take your CV with you to your job interview.

Remember that your CV will be one of many others and it should convince the employer that you are the right person for the job.

If possible, have your CV typed or write it neatly in block letters.

It might be to your benefit if you read up as much as possible on what CV’s should look like.

Examples of CVs can be found in books in the library or bookstore and also on the Internet.

Only attach copies of your original documents to your CV.

You can also include a photograph of yourself if you want to.

Make sure there is no spelling or typing mistakes in your CV.

Keep a few copies of your CV for future use.

Nowadays, employers prefer to see what the job applicant’s career/professional goals are upfront, so include a part that covers your personal career goals at the beginning of the CV-this will help the employer to immediately know what type of person the job applicant is.

Here is an example of a CV:


My career goals:

I would like to work in an organization where I can use my qualifications in Accountancy. I aim to become the Manager of Finance of a well-reputed organisation within 5-10 years. The job I am applying for is a good opportunity for me to work actively and productively in my field of expertise and apply my skills. My aim is to make a difference in my work-place through my contribution and to touch the lives of my co-workers through my positive attitude. I am a self-starter and have excellent interpersonal and conflict-management skills.

Personal Information:

Surname: Maesela

First Names: Thabo John

Title: Mr

Home address: 24, 16th Avenue, Villieria, Pretoria, 0183

Telephone number: 012- 322 1034 Cell: 083 4765 201

Date of birth: 1986-05-22

Age: 22

Identity number: 8605222346630

Nationality: South African

Marital status: Single

Health: Good

Driver’s licence: Code 08

Criminal record: None

Education and Qualifications

High School: Mamelodi High School

Matric subjects: English (HG), Northern Sotho (HG), Afrikaans (HG), Mathematics (SG), Science (SG), Accountancy (HG).

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