Employers are seeking individuals with these scarce skills, so developing one or two of these skills will give you the power to motor your way to the top of a potential employee list. Youth employment in South Africa is at an all-time low so it is wise to devise a strategy to avoid unemployment. Developing a scarce skill means you are in demand and have a much better chance of snatching a job.


Skill sets that give you edge

A skill set is a combination of skills that work together.  Knowing which skills to focus on developing is extremely valubale.  So, which skill sets are in demand? 


But along with the skills mentioned above, which we also call hard skills, you need a  couple of soft skills to make the package complete. Employees seek individuals who already have these interpersonal skills as it will save them time, effort and moneysending you on a course, so start working on these now. Soft skills in demand are:

  1. Management skills – employers need people who can take an idea and run with it, deal with a team even when it’s like herding cats and put out any fires using critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  2. Teamwork skills – being able to compromise for the good of a project instead of letting your ego lead you (into the ditch) is an important quality in an employee.
  3. Communication skills – practising your active listening skills is just as important as making yourself heard. Listen to understand, not just to reply, and speak to bring about understanding and not to pull rank or brag with know-how.
  4. Self-management skills – nobody likes to be micro-managed but if you are unable to manage yourself and your time, this is precisely what will happen. Most employers don’t have time to babysit – they want to give an order and leave it in (hopefully) capable hands.

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