Are you nervous about an upcoming job interview? Read Our tips for your next job interview on how to keep calm and master the interview without so much as a twitch!

Now that some of us have graduated or about to the leave schooling institutions we all have one thing on our minds: JOBS!And what a daunting thought it is. That feeling of unease, I don’t think it ever leaves the system when it comes to looking for a job or a career. Our aim is to make this process easier for you, so take note of these tips for your next job interview.

While many of us may not think of job interviews as a presentation, it may be one of the most important presentations we make. This is your chance to talk about yourself, your accomplishments and achievements and how you are the perfect candidate for the job.

1. Keep Calm and Don’t Sweat It

2. A New BFF?

An interview is pretty much like making a new friend. Yes, fewer smiles and less verbose conversation but it is having a conversation nonetheless. Once you understand that it is a conversation between two people, it will be easier to navigate your unease. Be clear and concise when speaking. There is nothing worse for an employer than having to keep asking you to “raise your voice,” or, “I beg your pardon?” Speak clearly, loud enough and you’ve got it!

3. Don’t Fake It Till You Make It

They saw your name and have seen your CV – they know who they are expecting. So, there is no need to apologise for your lack of experience, rather chalk up the experience you already have. The merit of your education, your personal strengths and your personality are good talking points about how your previous experience makes you the perfect candidate for the job.

The saying ‘fake it till you make it’ isn’t always the way to go. Don’t lie, even if something is problematic or embarrassing. When asked a question, always answer as honestly as you can in that moment. But, also be . For example, don’t dish out family secrets and personal problems … this is not the time or place.

4. Shake It Off

If you’re like me and you use your hands to talk and demonstrate certain things, diminish that habit immediately. You’ll just end up detracting your interviewer from understanding what it is you are actually saying. Also, nobody wants to be whacked in the face by a flailing arm or hand. If your hands are tremblers, grab a stress ball before the interview or a little round object and keep that rolling in your hand right until the interview. Try to refrain from holding a piece of paper, because if you are nervous, the piece of paper shakes and moves in your hands.

5. Say no to Slang!

As we young ones navigate the world with a newly formed English language dictionary, this is not the time to show your skills in the slang and coarse language department. If the interviewer uses slang, don’t follow suit. Always maintain a level of professionalism.

As a young student, your experience might not speak for you, but certainly the way you carry and handle yourself will do the job. Passion and a fresh perspective that young people bring to the table is an invaluable asset that companies are always eagerly looking for.

6. Look into my Eyes…

The eyes always tell the most intricate stories. For a long time, making eye contact was tricky for me because it was always quite uncomfortable. But during the interview process, eye contact is extremely important. Making eye contact shows people that you are sincere and confident.

As you navigate this new stage in your life, the job market can be daunting. These tips are not the be-all and end-all but hopefully they will help you. Good Luck!

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