AVI Limited is now inviting interested and qualified individuals to send in their application and qualify for its Industrial Engineering Graduate Programmes offered at various AVI locations in South Africa.

AVI is the maker of popular household brands across a wide variety of categories including savoury and sweet snacks and biscuits, hot beverages, frozen food, cosmetics, personal care products, fashion apparel, accessories and shoes.

AVI’s popular brand names include Five Roses, Ellis Brown, Fresh Pak, Frisco, Bakers, House of Coffees, Pyotts, I&J, Provita, Entyce, Yardley, Willards, Ciro, Coty, Carvela, Spitz, Kurt Geiger, Gant, Tosoni and more. The company has been in operation for over a century and employs close to 11,000 individuals.

AVI is currently offering its Industrial Engineering Graduate Programmes at the following locations:

  • I&J, in Woodstock, Cape Town
  • Snackworks Basic Biscuits in Isando/Rosslyn, Gauteng
  • Snackworks Choc Cream in Westmead, KwaZulu-Natal

I&J is a division of AVI and a major supplier of quality frozen and chilled Cape Hake. Snackworks Basic Biscuits and Snackworks Choc Cream are product lines managed by National Brands Limited, also a division of AVI that manufactures sweet biscuits, South African tea, creamer brands and coffee, to name a few.

The duties and responsibilities of the successful candidate are as follows:

  • Work closely with their respective division’s Engineering Specialists and participate in projects to discover efficiency issues and suggest functional solutions
  • Participate in quality control, product innovation, people management and upgrades
  • Acquire in-depth understanding of process effectiveness and optimization
  • Be responsible for delivering quality output

Career Options

The AVI Industrial Engineering Graduate Programmes do not guarantee permanent employment at the end of the programme period.

Requirements or Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following minimum programme requisites in order to qualify for the position across all sites concerned:

  • Must possess a BSc or BEng degree in Industrial Engineering with at least a 60% grade average in the final year of studies
  • or, BTech qualification in Industrial Engineering with at least a 70% grade average in the final year of studies
  • Amenable to work or travel to various New Brands Ltd. sites when needed
  • Must be comfortable working with a culturally diverse team
  • Proactive in maximizing on unique opportunities
  • Aims to become a great asset for the team

How to Apply

If you meet all the basic requirements of the programme and would like to qualify for the position, you will need to register an account on the AVI recruitment portal. Click the link below to get the ball rolling:


Opening and Closing Dates

Deadline for submission of applications is on 31 August 2019. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Only short-listed applicants will receive a response from AVI.

Contact Information

Further enquiries about AVI’s graduate programmes need to be directed to  graduates@avi.co.za

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