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Perhaps the most surprising thing for a Ford is how small the

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cash advance So called phishing schemes have become far more sophisticated. Gone are the days of the misspellings and clumsy grammar that made fraud emails obvious. Fraudsters have gotten better at tricking you into clicking on a link in one of these emails. Since then the Kuga’s reliability record has proven disappointing with some faults costly to fix, so you must buy with care. Perhaps the most surprising thing for a Ford is how small the model range is, but the 2.0 TDCi diesel unit in most Kugas is all you need; it’s frugal, torquey and durable.By the time Ford launched its first compact SUV, the Kuga, many rivals were on their second or even third generation models; the Toyota RAV4 that invented this market had arrived 12 years earlier.When it hit dealers in 2008, the Kuga was one of the best driving models in its class, typically for Ford, with good build quality and reliability, plus strong value for money.As with many rivals, the Kuga was mainly designed for road use, despite being related to the contemporary Land Rover Freelander 2. You can now buy a Kuga Mk1 from just 5,000 but should you take the plunge?Ford Kuga Mk1 (2008 2013) We raved about SUV when new cash advance.

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